Syncing artifacts from JCenter to Maven Central

A guide to publishing existing libraries artifacts on Jcenter to Maven Central

In case you missed it, JFrog is shutting down Bintray along with JCenter in May 2021.

Now, there are two questions that many developers are wondering:
1. Where to publish new libraries and their artifacts?

Using the power of jetpack compose to build dynamic screens


After having a brief idea about server-driven UI and how it works, we will now work with Jetpack Compose to build dynamic screens. In case you missed it, you can refer to the previous article here:

Jetpack Compose is Google’s…

Understanding the concept of server-driven UI for native mobile development

Screen components of Hudle App (Heavily uses server-driven UI for its Dashboard)

Developing native apps for mobile is still a first choice for the businesses who are working at scale and want to reach masses with performance efficient products. We will not go into a debate on which platform outperforms another, that’s a whole different discussion.

According to me, most of the…

Vipul Asri

Google Certified Android Developer | Open-sourced Timeline-View and Ticket View 🎟 .

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